You Will Likely Miss The Target Trying To Name The Most Aggressive Woman

There is an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t sum up a situation by just looking at it. In many cases, your instincts are going to be absolutely right but you still should give everybody a good chance before you begin pointing the finger at them. Fortunately, what we have below are some sketches of different people and some of them are going to fall into a certain pattern. For example, there is one woman in the first picture that is overly aggressive, and a woman in the second picture is obviously lying.

You have a job in front of you and it is a test that you may or may not be up for challenge. The test is for you to decide which of the women fits into the category more than the others. It isn’t always going to be easy but there is an obvious answer that is hiding in plain sight. Are you able to determine which woman is aggressive and which woman is lying? Most people who would try to do it are going to fail miserably but if you give it a try, you can always check the next page to see if you were right or wrong.



1. The woman in the middle is the more aggressive woman because she is clenching her teeth and taking a defensive posture.

2. The woman on the right is lying because she is touching her face and hiding part of her eye from view. That is body language that makes her guilty.

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