‘Wonderful’ Repo Man Pays Off Elderly Couple’s Debt And Brings Back Their Car

The majority of people that we hear about or know are doing their best to get by. They may struggle from time to time, which all of us do, but they are still good people that try to pay their bills and if problems do occur, they do their best to stick it out until times get better again. At times, things make it so difficult that they find themselves in a really bad situation and they may even end up losing some of their possessions. When it happens, we often feel sorry for them but there is very little that we can do to help.

Pat and Stan Kipping are a couple that is no stranger to hard work. They tried their best to keep ahead of everything and they worked hard their entire life but when they retired, they found themselves in a situation that neither of them could ever have expected. They knew that they were going to be rich when they retired but they also thought that they would be okay, if they just did what they could be careful with their money and to continue to live frugally. Unfortunately, they began to go in debt and it was difficult to get out of it.

Stan was a janitor in his later years but earlier, he served in the U.S. Navy. They raised a family and did their best to be decent, hard-working individuals. When Stan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he was forced into retirement and that’s when the problems started. He tried to keep working at first but the disease was too much for him.

Since Stan and Pat were left with no income, they saw debts continue to pile up and it seemed as if there was nothing that could help at that point. They were trying to do their best to enjoy retirement, but there is little joy when you couldn’t even afford a $100 per month car payment. Eventually, the bank decided to repossess the car.

When Jim Ford, the repo man arrived at their home he wasn’t simply there to take their vehicle. He recognized something in those individuals and knew that depriving them of this modest vehicle was not the right thing to do. He had to because it was his job but when they offered him a coffee, a discussion really started.

Jim learned that they were an honest couple and he wanted to do what he could to help. Within a couple of days, he did something that no repo man had perhaps ever done before. He pulled into their driveway with their car after paying off their debt. When he told them he was returning the car, it was an amazing thing to see.

You can watch that moment for yourself in the following video:


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