Woman claims to have made contact with aliens several times, says she has ‘has marks to prove it

The 50-year-old has shared images of some bruises on her body which she claims were made after an encounter with ‘aliens’.

“I saw a flying saucer”, “I was abducted by Aliens” – such claims about UFOs and extraterrestrial life are all over the internet.

There are dedicated websites, social media pages, and forums for such topics. However, no one has actually been able to prove anything with concrete evidence suggesting the existence of aliens.

These are claims that many people firmly believe in while others call them hoaxes.

Alien abduction theories have been the mainstay of extraterrestrial studies and sci-fi films for several decades now. These theories, some bizarre in nature, have stoked the interests of millions of readers and researchers around the world about the existence of alien life.

Recently, a new bizarre claim about alien abductions has come from a 50-year-old woman in the UK. 

Paula, who hails from  Bradford in West Yorkshire, claims she has made contact with aliens more than 50 times and says she has marks on her body to prove it, according to a Mirror report.

That’s not all. Paula even claims to have been on a UFO craft and says she had seen ‘touch screen devices’ even before they were out on our planet.

“I saw touch screen devices before they were even out. I was on a craft and the aliens showed me technology we didn’t have. They showed me a slideshow of pristine scenery which had a beautiful river that then turned black. The blue sky went blood red and I soon realised it was a movie of the earth being destroyed through man’s greed,” she said.

The 50-year-old has shared images of some bruises on her body which she claims were made after an encounter with ‘aliens’.

In addition, she has even drawn a picture in sliver to show people how the extraterrestrials look like.

“I have experienced 52 paranormal incidents. Even I can’t believe the stories at times so I’m not surprised when others don’t believe me or the subject,” she adds.

Paula, who works in the transport sector, said she has kept quiet about her ‘alien’ encounters for most of her life as she thought people would call her ‘crazy’.

She said there are thousands of people like her who have similar experiences to share.

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