Which One Of These Students Is Cheating? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

I think that all of us would agree that taking a test is not exactly the thing that we want to do in life. Unfortunately, it is also something that we tend to do on a regular basis. That is especially true if we are a student and it doesn’t matter if we are in elementary school or attending college, those tests are going to determine how we are doing in school and may even make the determination as to what direction we should be going from that point forward. Taking a test certainly has a lot of benefits, but there are some people who are so focused on getting the right answers that they are willing to cheat in order to get the answers right every time.

That is where this interesting puzzle comes in. It’s a picture of some students taking a test in school and at first glance, you might not think much about it. There is something going on in the classroom, however, and the teacher seems oblivious to it. One of the students is cheating and it may be difficult to tell which one it is at first. Why not take a look down through the students for yourself and see if you can determine which one is cheating on the exam. It might not be the answer that you think it is!

Can you tell which student is cheating? Try to guess and then check the following page for the answer.

Did you guess? We circled the student for you. You can tell he is cheating because he is looking at the answers written on his arm!

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