Which One Is the Mom? These 2 Tricky Brain Teasers Will Challenge You

Are you a person who is fascinated by body language? I am. Ever since the book on the topic came out in the 1970s or so, I’ve been intrigued by the secrets people give off just by their body language. For example, in a room full of people at a work meeting or convention, body language experts can tell you who are managers and who are employees. You can also tell a lot about children by how they sit in reference to their parents. When it comes to safety, for that matter, how you carry yourself can even dissuade a robber or attacker from targeting you when you’re in the street.

In the image below, one of the women is the child’s mother. Do you know which one? This is a body language puzzle. We will give you the answer on the next page

In the image below, you will see three young girls and one adult woman. Which one of the girls is the woman’s daughter? This isn’t so much a body language puzzle as it is one that tests your power of observation. We’ll share the solution on the next page.

Head to the next page for the answers.

Solution to Puzzle 1

Children often play facing their parents so that they can feel safer. Therefore, the child’s mother is the woman in the yellow dress. Note also that her hands are fixed in a way that she can act if she needs to.

Solution to Puzzle 2

In this one, the woman’s daughter’s name starts with a V and she had her child’s initial tattooed on her hand. Note also that they have the same color eyes.

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