Which Couple Actually Lives in This House?

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and riddles? There’s a new type of riddle that we’ve been seeing a lot of online and frankly, I enjoy them. It’s fun to look at an image and try to puzzle out what’s going on in the image. To do so, you have to examine the images very closely and look at all of the details in the image. Then you have to use logic to try to figure out what’s going on. These can be a lot of fun and there are tons of them available online. In the image below, you will see two couples who are in a living room arguing.

One couple is sitting at a table and the other couple is standing up. The couple who is standing up shows the lady in the red dress holding a little dog. Which couple lives in the house? Who does the house belong to? Take your best guess and we’ll give you the solution on the next page.

Did you figure it out? Head to the next page to see if you were correct.

To solve this, you have to look closely at the background items in the image. There is a cat toy and the couple standing is holding a dog. Also, the couple sitting down seems very relaxed and casual as if they are in their own home. Because of this, the couple seated own the house.

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