What Your Fingers Are Revealing About You

There are many ways that our bodies are closely linked to our personalities, and apparently, it also goes along with our finger shape as well. When looking at the shape of your fingers, it may be possible to tell your personality and even some details about your life.

Some people believe that the body can tell the tale and others just do it because it is a way to pass the time. Take a look and compare it with your own life. You might be surprised to see how closely it hits home.

A Finger:

For those who have the A finger, feelings tend to be buried deep beneath the surface. You are strong and independent on the outside and can put up a good front. You also tend to avoid liars and are fair with others. Kindness dominates your life, but you may be emotional.

You have a lot of laughter in your life and you act on what your heart tells you. Even though you may have a hard shell on the outside, you are soft on the inside. Many A finger people can be eccentric on occasion.

B Finger:

For the B finger people, you may suffer with a lack of self confidence. Shyness may keep you from approaching others, especially strangers. Love and loyalty are a big part of your life and those who show those characteristics get your full attention.

Although you may not be outgoing, you tend to be tenacious. Put your mind to anything and you will complete it.

C Finger:

For those with the C finger, you tend to be there for other people and become emotionally attached to anything that needs your help. If someone is unfair to you or others, you react with severity.

People consider you to be a softie, and they are correct. It is your mission in life to make sure everyone enjoys life and you want to keep problems at a minimum.

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