We’ve Been Eating Pineapples Wrong, And This Trick Is Revolutionary

Nobody likes slicing through pineapples because darn that elliptical shape that most fruits have on top of having a hard skin. However, the sweet and sour tropical fruit is too irresistible for many as they continued to suffer while skinning it.

Until people see this person just casually plucking a piece out just like that.

In a viral TikTok video with over 600k views, please ignore the munching noise as the magic happens:

Some people attempted to copy the trick. But several have failed. One person who succeeded explained:

You have to cut the top side to make it easier for the pineapples to detach from the main fruit. And it would help if you also made sure for the pineapples to be very ripe, or you’ll only hurt yourself trying.

The viral video was reshared on Twitter which immediately became viral again. It caught the attention of Claire Lower, who’s addressed a lot of other food hack tricks, like peeling mangoes with a glass.

By the way, it really works, guys. Glass is better than fumbling with a sharp knife for mangoes!

Anyways, she decided to give the pineapple trick a try.

Well, it’s not as easy as just cutting the top and peeling one after another off. On the first try of peeling one bit off a ripe pineapple after slicing its top part: “I was only able to pull off small bits of skin, with only the saddest wisps of fruit attached.”

“Juice went everywhere” after she took some finessing to achieve the result.

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