Very Few People Have an X on Both of Their Palms. Here’s What It Means if You Do

Do you believe in the art of palmistry? It’s been around for a long time and some people are devoted practitioners. People who do palmistry say that very few people have the letter X on both their palms, but people who do have this share some remarkable traits. For example, it’s said that if someone has an X on both palms, they’re a creative person who is one of the greatest among us. Apparently, their destiny shapes their energy cycles and helps them succeed. One interesting thing is that some people believe that these gifted individuals can sense you from afar is they want to.

People who have these X marks on their palms are special people who are conscious of everything they do. It’s impossible to cheat them and you can’t lie to them or betray them. Their destiny is just too strong. If you even try to betray them, they will make your life miserable. They’re also less prone to contagious diseases. They may not always look like the strongest people, but they are. I don’t have these X’s on my palms. So if you do, please be nice to poor schmucks like me.

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