This Woman Hits Horse With Shovel – The Horse Gives A Good Lesson To Her

In fact, getting close to wild animals can be a lifetime experience, but very dangerous too. In Assateague Island, Virginia is a great tourist attraction with too many wild horses. These horses should be handled from a safe distance and with care.

There are signs there to keep at least 40 feet away. 

Anything of these didn’t stop this woman from getting violent towards one of the most beautiful creatures. For no reason, she took a shovel and hit the horse with it.

Someone started filming it, they even said to her the horse is going to kick her.

Horse responded in the right way. Kicked the woman and threw her away. 

The Law Enforcement of the Island released a statement regarding this incident. Our horses are beautiful and wild. They survived in this harsh environment and anyone should be careful.

Visitors every year are kicked, knocked down, or bitten because they get too close to them. Give animals their space to be free. 

Look at the incident below.

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