This Is What It Means if You Have the Letter “M” on the Palm of Your Hand

Have you ever had your palm read? Palmistry is an ancient art and has been practiced throughout the centuries. People who claim to be palm readers say that they can tell a lot about a person based on what is in their palm. Of course, science suggests that this isn’t valid, but it’s still fun to play with palm reading some. A palm reader looks closely at your palm and uses that to interpret the past and future based on the shapes and lines that are in your palm. There are three major lines that come together in most palms. These are usually called the Life Line, the Heart Line, and the Head Line.

The Hidden Meaning Behind the M on Your Palm

These three lines supposedly give fortune-tellers information about our futures and our lifestyles. For many people, the three lines intersect in a specific way that looks like the letter “M.” Not everyone has this, and if you do, it’s rare. If you have this M on your palm, you’ll enjoy learning about what it may mean. If you have these lines, you’re probably very self-motivated and disciplined. Because of this, you’re more likely to have a successful career, for example. Also, you may be a good judge of character. Some people who have the M on their palm are attracted to writing and journalism, for example.

How to Find the M on Your Palm

If you’re trying to see if your palm has an M on it, here’s how to find out. First, look at your lifeline. It goes from the palm between your forefinger and thumb and extends all the way to the base of your thumb. Next, you have to find your head line. This line goes from the thumb and forefinger also but cuts across the middle of your palm.

Last, you have to find your fate line, also called the Saturn line. It’s just a small crease, usually, but for some people, it can go all the way across the base of the palm.

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