This Advert Was Banned More Than 6 Years Ago, But It Has Now Resurfaced And It’s Hilarious

This advert was banned back in 2010 but has resurfaced and is sweeping the internet. It is very funny but may offend certain people so viewer discretion is advised. The concept is very simple, the company has tasked a female employee with organising a clothes drive. In exchange for donating a piece of clothing, she gives them a free bud light. Of course, nobody remembered that today was the clothing day, and so nobody has brought any old clothes.

But when Sarah reminds them that for each piece of clothing they donate, they get a free bud light, all of a sudden people are giving her the clothes they are wearing. Can you imagine if this actually happened in real life? The entire concept is very funny, and in many ways, it is nice to see an advert that doesn’t actually take life too seriously.

There are no actual rude parts on display, everything is covered by the use of appropriately placed black bars, but the meaning is very clear and there are some comical moments. I will not spoil any of the jokes by explaining them, but have a watch of the video, I am sure it will make you chuckle.

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