There Is a Goat in This Sea of Sheep. Try to Find Him in 15 Seconds or Less

Have you ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? The reason it’s so difficult is that the object you’re looking for is so small and the haystack is so large. Another thing that makes it difficult is that a needle is shaped something like straws of hay. When we look at a very busy image that has a group of similar or identical objects, it can sometimes be hard to find the one that’s different. In fact, our eyes don’t even process the different ones. The job of our eyes is to just send data to the brain. Then the brain processes the information and translates it into something we can usually understand.

However, something interesting happens when there is an object that’s different in a sea of similar objects. Usually, our eyes just glaze right over it. For example, the image below has a lot of sheep in it. You may not even notice there’s a little goat hiding in there unless we tell you. Now that you know there’s a goat in the sea of sheep, can you find the sneaky little guy? Give it your best shot.

How did you do? Did you find the goat? If not, here you gooo

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