The Shape Of Your Thumb Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Although most people tend to miss out on it, there is a very strong connection between the way we look and our personality. It often is more than just what is on the surface, it is a connection between our physical appearance and the uniqueness that all of us display. If we stop to look at ourselves in the mirror every once in a while, we may be able to determine a little bit more about our personalities and understand ourselves better, both in private and in public. Those physical aspects of our bodies say more than what most of us realize.

An example of this is the thumb. You may not realize it but there are actually 5 different kinds of thumbs and each of them is shaped in its own unique way. There are intricate differences from one individual to another but the thumb is an appendage with only a single joint that joins the upper and lower parts together. In addition, the thumb may either be able to flex easily or it could be rather stiff. Take a look at yours and see what it says about you.

1. Type A – Upper Half Bigger Than Lower Half

If your thumb is shaped like this then you tend to overreach in life. You don’t like to be mediocre in anything that you do and you often find yourself reaching for greater things. You want to excel and it is evident in your personality. It doesn’t matter if you are quiet at the moment or not, your mind is thinking of how you can reach new heights.

In addition, you may obsess over your goals frequently. Your desire can be intense but it doesn’t mean that you are boastful about your lot in life. You tend to be a grateful and gracious individual and are humbled by your success. The combination of humility and desire is what makes you a very unique individual.

2. Type B – The Lower Half of the Thumb Is Bigger Than the Upper Half

If your thumb is shaped like this then you tend to be deeply rooted in your origins and are a very humble individual. You are content with what you have and remain calm in all situations. You are also very considerate of others so you do more than promise big, you deliver big.

Your personality also allows you to look at the little things in life and to appreciate them. You find inner peace in the smallest things and are grateful for anything that you have. You tend to be firmly grounded but then again, you don’t forget your history and you are always reaching for more. You are the kind of person who finds riches that aren’t necessarily money, you are rich in love.

3. Type C – Both Halves Are of Equal Size

If your thumb is shaped like this then you are a kind individual that is always looking for balance. You tend to look for harmony in your life and you are more comfortable meeting in the middle than to one extreme or another. You like that degree of equilibrium and it makes you happy when you achieve it.

You also tend to go for balance with everything that you do in life. If something good happens, you look for something bad but if something bad happens, you look for something good. Each setback means that you are going to look for a way to forge ahead. You are the type of individual that seeks out balance and others look to you as an example.

4. Type D – Flexible

For those who have a flexible thumb, life is a constant adaptation and your situation may change but change along with it. Many people will look to you as being a survivor and you will adapt, regardless of what you come up against.

You also tend to be flexible in your opinion and your thoughts. Although you may be very firm in your convictions, you aren’t afraid to change sides if new evidence comes to light. It gives you an open mind so you can change your attitude or behavior without compromising your ideals. It is a quality that is very difficult to possess and it is a rare thing that can take you far in life if you take advantage of it.

5. Type E – Inflexible Thumb

For those who are not able to flex their thumb, you tend to be a dominant individual that is stubborn. When you say something you will stick to it and you are a person of your word. You also tend to have goals and are inflexible about reaching them. Once you put your heart to something there is nothing that will stand in your way.

You also tend to be a very trustworthy and reliable individual that will be faithful till the end. Your loyalty is absolute and without borders so people tend to trust you with almost everything. That being said, your stubborn nature can sometimes get in the way but if you allow it, your ideas can become beautiful.

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