Students Help Father To ‘Walk’ His Children With A Wheelchair Stroller

When we are the parent of a newborn child, we want to do what we can to spend time with them and to make sure that we are caring for them properly. There are many things that may be stressful about having a new child but there are also certain things that are beyond beautiful and these are the things that we treasure for the rest of our lives. Perhaps one of the things that we enjoy more than anything else is putting our baby in a stroller and taking them out for a walk. That is something that almost all parents do, but for 37-year-old Jeremy King, it was a dream that he could not fulfill.

You see, King was a new father and he wanted to take his child for a walk, but he himself was unable to walk safely. He had a mobility impairment and this kept him from enjoying that simple pleasure in life. There was a group of students, however, who saw the difficulty that he was having and they decided that they would put their heads together and come up with a solution. They may not be true experts in the field, but when they decided to do something, they found a solution that was going to be more than practical, it was beautiful.

As it turns out, King can walk but because of his mobility issues, he couldn’t do so safely while he was carrying the child. What the group came up with was an idea to attach a baby carrier on the front of his wheelchair and it allowed him to stay safe and keep the baby safe as well while they were on a walk.

This is something that you truly need to see to understand. It’s a beautiful thing when people come together to help others for the greater good. I’m sure that this father will remember this kind deed for the rest of his life.

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