Spellbinding Optical Illusion Has a Hidden Double-Digit Number. Can You Find It?

The human mind can play tricks on us, with a little help from our eyes. We love optical illusions and there’s some science behind why that’s the case. An MIT cognitive scientist named Aude Olia explains that our brains are very tuned in to learning new things. When the brain sees something new and surprising, it actually excites the brain and we like that. The reason is because we might learn something from new and interesting experiences. We generally walk through the world on autopilot without seeing everything around us. When something captures our attention, it alerts the brain.

With the age of the internet, we’ve been exposed to tons of great optical illusions. The one below is a good example. Inside this image, there is a double-digit number lurking. Can you find it?

If you couldn’t see it, try a couple of tricks. One thing you can do is scroll your computer’s screen up and down a little faster. That reveals the number to some people. You can also try squinting or looking at the image sideways. When you’re ready to see if you’ve figured it out, head over to the next page.

The number hidden in the image is 17. If you found it, congrats!

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