Something Is So Obviously Wrong With This Picture That Most People Miss It

The human brain is truly an amazing piece of engineering. In fact, many scientists would agree that there is no equal to the brain in the known universe. Even though they have studied it for many years, they still have only really scratched the surface of what they know about the human brain and they will easily admit that they know practically nothing about it. One of the things they do know is the fact that the brain and the eyes work together on a continual basis. They do so to take in information from the world around us and much of the brain is geared toward deciphering what our eyes see. It’s a great process, but it’s not without its flaws.

When we look at something, we often look at the big picture and we don’t necessarily see all the details that are in place. It benefits us in some cases but in others, we may miss something that we would want to see. In the picture below, there is something that is out of place but most people are going to miss it. They simply look at the beautiful scenery and perhaps recognize the general concept of what the picture contains. As you start to look deeper, however, you may recognize that something is out of place. Then again, most people continue to miss it. See if you can find it and then check the following page for the solution.

Did you find out what was wrong with the picture? Gondolas don’t have sails!

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