Someone Kept Stealing Their Packages So They Devised A Play For Sweet Revenge

We all like to feel safe in our homes and we also want to feel as if our homes are secure when we are not there. That was the case with this man, but it was unfortunate that packages left at his door kept disappearing. He assumed that they were stolen and after talking about it with his neighbor, he found out that many people in the neighborhood were having the same issue.

The man’s name was Tom, and he could have called the police and waited for them to catch the thief but he decided to take matters into his own hands. He ended up rigging a box of poop that would explode 40 seconds after it was moved. He then put the box on the porch and waited for the thief to arrive.

Using his security camera, he was able to see the entire thing happen from a remote location. A man stopped to steal the package and as he drove away, suddenly the door flew open and he jumped out of the car. They say that revenge is sweet, but I don’t think that this probably tasted sweet at all.

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