Someone Broke This Vase. Can You Figure Out Who?

Have you ever put any thought into the study of body language? I personally find it very interesting to try to figure out what’s being said without words. One image has gone viral on the internet and people are disagreeing about what went down in the scene. The image shows a family and what appears to be a mom with four children. They’re in a living room that is very neat and tidy, but a vase with some flowers is broken on the floor. It’s not immediately apparent who broke the vase, and people are all over the place in trying to guess and figure it out. Did the mom actually break the vase?

Character A: Boy in White

This boy seeds to be very interested in what’s going on. Did he break the vase? He’s not smiling or looking worried, but rather, seems surprised or concerned. Two of the children are looking closely at him and the mom seems to be blaming him.

Character B: Oldest Daughter

The oldest daughter would probably be blaming someone else if it was her. She seems to be laughing at the boy in white, knowing he is the main suspect. But is he? She also seems to be standing furthest away from the situation. She seems to be enjoying just watching everything play out, doesn’t she? It’s almost as if she enjoys the drama.

Character C: Boy in Gray

This boy is behaving like his older sister and is looking suspiciously at his brother. He has his hands in his pocket and appears to be relaxed.

Character D: Youngest Daughter

This little girl looks frightened and upset. She’s hiding behind her mother and not sure what is going on, but she doesn’t seem to like trouble.

So Who Is the Culprit?

So who broke the vase? The answer is that boy C broke the vase. When children lie, they often put their hands in their pockets or behind their backs. He looks like he has something to hide. He is also on the defensive.

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