Seal Pup And Dog Play An Adorable Game Of Hide-And-Seek

I think that most people would agree that animals are fantastic and we might even have an animal that lives in our home with us. Of course, that animal is likely either a dog or a cat or, it could be something a little more exotic and unusual. In any case, however, the more we get to know the animals around us, the more we realize that they have a lot to offer. For many people, having a dog in the family is the best choice they can make. The right type of dog is great for the entire family and their playful, friendly nature makes them a welcome part of the home. Most families that have dogs would never get tired of them playing, but sometimes they throw us a surprise or two.

In the following video footage, you get to see a yellow Labrador retriever having some fun. If you’ve ever had a Labrador as a pet, you realize that they can be quite playful and they are good-natured. They tend to get along with all other types of animals and that is clearly seen in the video because the Labrador is having some fun with a seal. The funny thing is, it goes both ways and the seal continues to come up and play with his newfound friend and then disappear back into the water, almost as if he is playing a game of hiding and seek with the dog. The two of them make great friends and the video shows just how much fun they can have together.

This video was taken a number of years ago with the curious seal playing with the 13-year-old Labrador. They are on the River Thames near Southeast London. The friendship that these two animals had together only lasted a few minutes but the video has lasted for many years and continues to put smiles on faces every day.

It’s not often that you get to see this type of interaction between animals but seeing it helps us realize that dogs are just as amazing as we give them credit for being.

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