Scorpion Mom And Babies Glow Purple And Blue Under UV Light

When we take a look at the world around us, it’s easy to see just how beautiful and amazing it is. There are so many things that seem to unfold in front of us on a daily basis that it can be difficult to pick out the one that we love the most. Perhaps something that we love more than anything in the world, however, is the little creatures that share the planet with us. Most of us probably automatically think about the pet that shares our home but there are many other things in the world, some of which are not exactly warm and fuzzy but they are beautiful to see.

One of the things that are interesting to see is what happens when you shine a UV light on scorpions. This may not have been something that was even on your radar and quite honestly, most people would probably run in the opposite direction if they ever saw scorpion face-to-face. There is something interesting in the exoskeleton of the scorpion, however, that makes them glow whenever they are put under a UV light. It is a fluorescent feature that makes it interesting for us to see but it also may make life a little bit easier for them as well.

The scorpion in the video below is carrying its babies on its back. When the light shines on them, you see that they glow different colors. The mother scorpion glows in a light blue and the little scorpions glow in a darker purple.

Some experts feel as if this is one way for scorpions to see each other and others think that it really doesn’t serve a useful purpose. In either case, however, it’s something interesting and beautiful to see when you see it for yourself.

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