Rude Airline Passenger Crosses the Line, Gets Water Poured on Him

Don’t you love traveling? Most of us do. However, nearly universally, no one loves having to sit for hours in airports, and absolutely no one enjoys the small and cramped seats on the planes. There’s barely room to even sit and forget being comfortable. If you’re lucky, you may have a window seat so that you can lean against the wall of the plane to rest. And of course, there are the armrests. Except when someone disrespects you and does what they did to a couple of brothers who were flying. The incident happened to twin brothers Andrew and Ashton Walker when they were traveling.

The two brothers shared the video on TikTok and it showed a rude passenger putting their nasty foot on Andrew’s armrest. Seriously, who does that, right? Why would anyone think this is acceptable? It’s hard to tell if the foot is badly bruised or filthy, but feet are naturally dirty because they’re on the ground or in shoes all day, so either way, it was a gross and disrespectful thing to do. The toenails were disgusting as well and it’s nauseating to even think about someone sticking their feet in your face. In fact, in some cultures in the world, I think it’s an offense that can get you killed.


However, instead of popping the dude and telling him to move his feet, the brothers did something that was just nearly perfect. Andrew got a bottle of water and poured the remaining contents over the rude passenger’s filthy toes. The stranger did seem to have the grace to be embarrassed because he quickly retracted his foot. It somehow makes this even worse now that we’re in a global pandemic and we’re supposed to be respecting everyone’s space even more than usual.


Since the brothers uploaded the video to TikTok, it has gone viral with more than 11.5 million plays, 863K likes, 17.3 comments, and 26.6 forwards. Watch the video below.@the.walker.twins

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