Relationship Expert Shares 5 ‘Tips’ For Women In Bed, And It Has Divided Opinion

There’s no magical list of tips and tricks that can make a woman lose entirely it in bed. Every woman is different. Some will head straight towards a partner and offer erotic stimulation, while a few do the opposite. However, this is presently the talk on TikTok. 

Relationship expert Teresa Young has left the internet divided after listing five ways women can allow men to know they’re enjoying sex. In a clip that has been viewed over 2million times, Teresa insisted that women shouldn’t just meet their man’s needs but also find pleasure in the experience too. 

Teresa Young shared five ways women can let their men know they are enjoying sex.


Here are the tips: “Say YES more often.” 

“Move your body with his and convey that you are enjoying it.” 

“Let loose a little and make some bedroom noise.” 

“Ask for it more often & make it a priority to initiate.” 

“Be straightforward and tell him you like it. He likes to know that he puts the ‘wow’ in your bow-chicka-bow-wow!”

The dating expert insisted women shouldn’t just meet their man’s needs but also find pleasure in the experience.



Don’t just meet his needs, find pleasure in the experience too! ##relationshipadvice ##relationshipadviceforwomen ##marriageadviceformen ##fypTennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

In response, thousands of TikTokers took to the comment and shared their opinion on the subject matter. “The way this is worded is like you are saying, lie to him, pretend you like it?” One person wrote. Another said: “You mean. Fake and like to make him feel good.” While a third stated: “Umm if he’s doing everything right, you won’t have to do anything because it will be uncontrollable actions.”

The tips have been met with divided opinions. Here’s proof:

A few people ultimately agreed with Teresa’s video, with one saying: “Happy there is one wife on the planet that understands.” Another said: “If only there were (SIC) more like her. Thank You.” Others didn’t believe the tricks could be possible. They wrote: “You don’t have to try to let him know you are enjoying it. We know when a woman is into it or not. At least the smart ones do.”

In an updated clip, Teresa claims women are doing more damage by avoiding and rejecting their men.


You’re doing more damage by avoiding and rejecting him. ##relationshipadvice ##marriageadvice ##fypHouston, We Got a Problem – Luke Combs

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