Rare Set Of Newborn Twins Stun The Entire Delivery Room

One of the greatest experiences that any of us have a life is the birth of our children. Although any childbirth is going to be a miracle, the birth of twins is an especially lovely event for the parents. That was the experience of Sarah Thistlethwaite, who delivered twin girls on Mother’s Day. The two girls, Jillian and Jenna were thriving and doing quite well, although at first, they were put into ventilators.

Something that was interesting about this childbirth is the fact that the twin shared an amniotic sac and placenta. This happens only once in about every 10,000 pregnancies and it can result in a difficult pregnancy to be sure. After the successful delivery of the babies, however, the doctor saw something strange. Baby girls were holding hands!

When you really stop to think about it, the first nine months of a child’s life is spent in close proximity inside of the wound. If they are with their sibling because they are a twin, the two of them share that close space. Why would it be unusual for them to be holding hands or to show each other consideration, even from a young age?

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