Psychology Quiz: Which One of These Women is Man’s Wife?

It’s fun to do psychology quizzes. I like these types of quizzes and puzzles because it requires me to think outside the box. Sometimes, putting aside one’s innate unconscious biases is a challenge, and it’s interesting to see what assumptions I make without even realizing it. It’s like taking a personality test, in a way. For example, my wife loves taking personality tests, and every now and then, she asks me to take one, also. For example, I know my love language and maybe you do, too. I’d not know if it weren’t for my wife having me take a test online. It was fun, I admit, and it revealed a lot of things about me.

For example, in the image below, there is a man with three women. One of the women is his wife. Which one do you think is married to the man? It’s easy to assume it’s the woman who is dressed like him, but is that correct, or are we just assuming that’s his wife? Take your best guess and really think it through. We’ll see you on the next page with the answer.

Last chance! Which lady is his wife? Head to the next page to see if you were right.

The man’s wife is the lady in purple. How do we know? They’re wearing a matching ring. Who knew?

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