People Are Talking After A Teacher Tweets About Quitting Her Job

It doesn’t matter what job you have, you are going to find some reason to complain. Everybody would admit that their job was difficult, but when they look at somebody else’s line of work, they may feel that it wouldn’t even be worth the trouble. One of the jobs that many people look at as being difficult, including some that take part in it is teaching. Although it is a labor of love for many who perhaps spend their entire life waiting to teach, it doesn’t make up for the long hours, low pay, and the difficulties that they face.

Some teachers will stick it out for years and they may make a career out of it that lasts until they retire. Perhaps they just love working with children or maybe they enjoy having the summers off. There are also others, however, who are fed up with having to deal with the struggles of teaching children and then staying in line with the parents, who may at times, be a little overbearing when it comes to how they handle various situations. That is where a teacher named Abby Norman comes in. She was a teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, and after losing her job for nine years, she went on Twitter to say that she had enough.

She wrote that she quit her teaching job and started bartending for less than 15 hours a week. She didn’t have to worry about grading papers were dealing with lesson plans and she was making more money. When other teachers heard about what she did, they came on to support her.

Some of them were saying that they not only agreed with her, but they also did something similar. For example, one woman said that she quit her job to start being a nanny. She made twice as much per hour and only worked a portion of what she worked as a teacher.

Others said that they may be making less money after quitting teaching but they appreciate having less stress in their lives.

Perhaps the best comment came from a teacher who said that her son made more delivering pizzas than she did.

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