One of These Women Has Bad Intentions. Can You Guess Which?

One thing that has always fascinated me is the study of body language. I’m a quiet, introverted person and I have always prided myself at always being able to effectively read a room. A lot of this has to do with watching the body language of other people. Folks will tell you a lot, sometimes without ever saying a word. It’s interesting to me to look at photos and try to guess at what is going on in the photos before I read the captions or articles. I guess that’s why I love puzzles like these two I’m sharing here that ask you to read a person’s body language to answer questions about them. Let’s dive in.

Test 1

One of these women has bad intentions. Do you know which one? The women are friends and one of them is a traitor who is going to betray the other in a huge way. Don’t worry, we will share the answer on the next page.

Test 2

This man called the police to report that he found his friend lying lifeless on the beach. The friend had allowed him to stay and use his beach house for a week during the summer in California. He said he had just arrived from a month of working in cold Argentina. Do you think he is telling the truth?

Test 1

Scroll down for the solutions.

The traitor in this story is the woman on the right. The other woman’s plate has whipped cream on it, and surely there is poison in the whipped cream.

Test 2

We believe the man is lying because he has a sunburn, which indicates that he has been in a warm climate. Also, he is wearing short sleeves.

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