Neighbor calls 911 reporting toddler stuck in drain. Police arrive to receive a rude shock

A woman couldn’t believe the sight she saw after passing by a storm drain in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She immediately called 911 because she thought a toddler was stuck in the storm drain with only their legs sticking out.

Upon receiving the information, police officers from the Spartanburg Police Department immediately arrived at the scene but were in for a rude shock. They realized “Halloween season has officially arrived in The Burg!”



“Officers responded to Northview St earlier this afternoon for a toddler possibly stuck in a street drain,” Spartanburg Police Department wrote on Facebook. “All the caller could see was the legs sticking out of the drain and believed the head was down in the drain. Once officers arrived, they discovered it was nothing more than a spooky prank using a doll. Upon further inspection, the officer located Pennywise hiding in the drain. No children were harmed in the creation of this set up.”



Adding a special message for the genius prankster, the police said, “you forgot the red balloon.”

When Maj. Art Littlejohn from the Spartanburg Police Department spoke about the incident, the officer told 7NEWS, “The call came in a little after three or so. Officers responded like they normally would but immediately they realized that it was just a prank.”



Although it was a false alarm, the department took the incident in good spirits and said they want people to have fun this Halloween but also stay safe.

“We want people to have a good time and if people want to have decorations you can do that,” added Littlejohn. “…We encourage them to go out and enjoy the holiday, but at the same time keep it safe and keep it fun.”



One of the residents living in the area spoke about Halloween decorations and mentioned how it affects the kind of people who show up at the front door trick-or-treating.

“We definitely go all out around this neighborhood, especially on some particular streets,” said the resident, Michele Harvey. “I think sometimes we have up to maybe a thousand or two thousand children visiting. I think it’s up to the homeowners to maybe monitor what they do put out.”



Before trick-or-treating children begin to flood the streets on Halloween Sunday, Maj. Littlejohn gave some words of advice to parents to ensure their kids are safe.



“We encourage parents to go out with their children. Stay in small groups and the parents can decide whether or not they want a particular child to visit that home,” the officer said. “So, if they have scary decorations and you think that your child will be scared by those things then just don’t visit that home.”

The officer also told parents to warn their children never to enter a stranger’s home and to carry around a flashlight for when it gets dark. Once kids are back home with their candy, parents should ensure they have a look at the stash to make sure anything unsafe is discarded. “If they look open or don’t look right, then discard those, throw them in the trash,” Maj. Littlejohn added.



The officer also said, “We ask that drivers slow down, especially in areas that they know the kids are going to be. So, just slow down, take your time a little bit and just be aware of the children.”

Cover image source: Spartanburg Police Department/Facebook


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