My Jaw Hit The Floor When I Realized What This Image Actually Was

When we see an artist who is talented at their craft, it is like watching poetry in motion. It doesn’t matter if they are working with pastels, oils, or pencils, they are able to create astonishing pieces of art that are sometimes beyond amazing. In fact, when you compare their work alongside the original, it is sometimes difficult to know which is which. That is sure to be your experience when you see this talented artist at work.

The artist is Heather Rooney, a young illustrator who specializes in photo-realistic graphite and colored pencil drawings. In this time-lapse video, you can see her drawing a picture of Robin Williams and it is so realistic, you would swear it was a photograph. This type of talent sometimes takes years of training to develop but Heather is self-taught. It is something that came naturally for her and she is sharing her gift with others.

This is a wonderful tribute to Robin Williams, a man who made all of us laugh at some time or another. Although he is gone far too early, his work continues to live on and with tributes like this one, he may be gone but he certainly is not forgotten.

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