Murder Hornets Are Out – Acid Shooting Land Lobsters Are The New Bad Boy On The Block

We live in a world that is full of wonder but at the same time, there are some things that word be better avoided. For example, I don’t think anybody would purposely get stung by bees and that certainly would include some of the nastier stinging critters out there, such as murder Hornets. It seems as if they just made an appearance on the scene within the past couple of years and it went hand-in-hand with the pandemic. Perhaps it was just something that was a bit of a distraction and we may never run into one in real life, but it did make for an interesting read.

If you are a little concerned about murder Hornets, there may be something a little bit nastier out there that you would want to avoid. This particular creature is at the Big Bend National Park in Texas. It is something that is known as a ‘Vinegarooon’ and although you probably have never heard of one, once you see the picture of it, you will be able to get it out of your mind. After all, it looks like a black lobster that is walking on land but it also has an appearance of a scorpion. Perhaps the worst part about this particular creature is the fact that he can shoot acid from its tail.

The odds are that you are never going to see one of these murder lobsters in your life, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. For people who happen to live in the area, it is rare that they would see one as well, but when it rains in the summer, they may come out of their burrows and begin looking for food.

Vinegaroons are only about 3 inches long and unless you purposefully annoy them, they are likely to just leave you alone. They can shoot a form of vinegar from their tails to protect themselves and if you get close enough, they can pinch you with their mouth. They live in the desert and it’s a good thing because I wouldn’t want to run into too many of these in my hometown.

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