Mom Desperately Seeks Help With 7-Year-Old’s Math Homework, Stumps Professor

Do you enjoy solving math problems? And if so, did you like math when you were in school? A lot of people dread and hate math to the point of it being a phobia. I don’t dread math to that level, but I do admit that growing up, I never took much interest in math. It’s not my strongest subject, let’s say. However, these days, kids are being taught some really challenging math problems from a very young age. A mom named Teresa Hopper took to a Facebook group called Family Lockdown Tips and Tricks to try to get help with her seven-year-old kid’s math homework.

The math problem was confusing to the mom, but there was a math professor in the group and he said it was confusing to him as well. In her post in the Facebook group, Teresa said that she “hates” math and pleaded for help from others. She wanted to know how to go about figuring out the math problem. The problem said that a fictional person named “Karla” has “3 hundreds counters, 17 tens counters, and 16 ones counters.” The question asked if she could make two equal three-digit numbers, or if she could make two equal three-digit numbers if she has to use all of her counters.

A lot of people in the group confessed that they couldn’t figure it out, either. One person even asked how old the class was who was assigned the homework. One person quipped that it was clearly “not for a 40-year-old woman.” Teresa finally figured it out, but the problem had a lot of folks stumped, including a man who claims to have a PhD in mathematics.

He suggested that maybe part of the problem was missing, and asked if there was a diagram to go along with the problem.

Good for Teresa for figuring it out!

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