Man Sees Boy Studying Under Street Light And Is So Moved He Builds Him A Home

Education is an opportunity many of us may take for granted. Whether it is because we grew up in homes that “expected” us to pursue education, or it’s because we live in societies where there is greater access to education, many of us are guilty of overlooking just how grateful we really should be.

Street smart

Well, there is one young boy, Victor Angulo, who did not take his education for granted. In fact, at the young age of 12 years old, Victor was discovered night after night studying underneath a streetlamp.

You see, Victor’s family did not have electricity at their home in Moche, Peru, so every night Victor ventured to the streets of Moche to read and complete his homework underneath the outdoor street light.

Someone recorded a video of Victor studying at night, and it went viral, for good reason. It is heartbreaking and the image is unforgettable. But, while the photo of a 12-year-old boy laying out on the sidewalk alone completing his studies under a streetlamp at night is a difficult image for the heart to handle, it also prompted one good samaritan into action.

From business man to benefactor
Yaqoob Mubarak, a businessman from Bahrain, took matters into his own hands. The issue was clear: Victor’s family needed help. Mubarak decided to venture to Moche himself, and build Victor and his family a new home. Furthermore, he decided to give the family money so that they could start a business.

“Thank you for the help you are offering, thank you very much because you are helping us to build our school (…) to continue studying.”

And they say angels don’t exist.

The beautiful thing about both Victor Angulo’s actions and Yaqoob Mubarak’s is that they both took matters into their own hands. Victor did not have electricity at home but was determined to obtain an education, and so he went to far lengths to study. Yaqoob Mubarak identified a need and recognized that he could provide the solution, and so he did. Both Victor and Yaqoob did what had to be done, and that is always an admirable trait.

Taking matters into our own hands
When we go to far lengths, whether it be for ourselves or for others, we expend energy. As human beings we only have so much energy to expend in a day. However, we allocate this internal resource towards what we believe requires our immediate attention.

Victor believed it was worth it to spend his nights studying under a streetlight and Yaqoob believed it was worth it to build him a house so he could do so in privacy, with dignity, and within the comfort of his own home. Both believed in the value of pursuing an education, which at the end of the day truly leaves you to wonder– what is the real value of an education?

Upon closer reflection one may come to realize that the opportunities that come with an education are exponential. The amassing of knowledge and life skills are essential for providing equal opportunities, so that no other young boy like Victor Angulo at 12 years old, has to lay on the sidewalk under a streetlamp so that he can complete his education.

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