Look Quickly at This Image and Describe What You See. That Reveals Your Personality

My wife loves personality tests. I never took one at all until I met her. Since we’ve been married, though, I’ve done several with her because she enjoys them. I confess that it has made me understand myself a lot better. They can be a lot of fun. One of my favorites is the Myers-Briggs personality test, which is based on Carl Jung’s study of psychological traits. There are other personality tests based on Jung’s work, including 16 Personalities and Enneagram. They’re all fun to take and they can help you understand how you react in relationships and even at work.

Take a quick look at the image below and decide what is the first thing you see. Don’t put a lot of thought into it. Just identify the first thing that jumps out at you.

What did you see?

Two Gentlemen

If the two gentlemen jumped out at you, you pay good attention to detail. You’re a person who has sharp logic and you can win most debates. Moreover, you excel at calculations of all types, including math. You are also probably good at learning languages.

A Woman’s Face

People who see a woman’s face first are folks who like to consider new ideas and new opportunities. Also, you like new ways of thinking and you’re maybe a good writer, cook, or student. However, just throwing paint at a blank canvas makes you uncomfortable.

A Small Woman in Black

The small woman in black is not something most people notice first. If you did, you’re a rare individual who is very intuitive. Maybe you even anticipate things happen to you.

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