Kate Hudson Comes Out About Her Genderless Daughter

There are many people who are interested in the lives of celebrities. They may follow them on social media, read about them in the news and whenever possible, they will go to an event so they can see them up close and personal. There are some of us who even feel as if we know some of those celebrities better than we know our own family. Of course, we realize that there are some details that are always held back but there are also many things that are very public, which can either be good or bad for the celebrity.

One celebrity that many people are familiar with is Kate Hudson. When most people think about her, they think about her abilities as an actress and she has played in a number of movies that have made her famous. She is also a mother, however, and has three children. The third child was born last year, a little girl who was the first female child in the family. Kate Hudson made a decision that is being applauded by some and being questioned by others. Her little girl, Ryder is being raised as a genderless child. She spoke about it in an interview, talking about how there is a difference when you try to raise your child without a gender.

Although she made this decision, she also is not afraid to bring out her daughter’s feminine side. She even said that she enjoys buying clothes for her girl, because it is different from buying clothes for boys. She considers it to be a fun part of raising her daughter.

Hudson grew up with brothers and she realizes that there were many benefits to having those boys in her life. She may have been inspired by others, however, to decide to raise her daughter genderless. Many other celebrity parents are doing so, setting the bar for people who tend to follow.

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