How You Carry Your Purse or Bag Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

I’ve always been fascinated by things like body language. For instance, every person has certain “tells” that reveal a lot about them. Did you know that how you carry your purse or bag may reveal things about your personality? It’s true. Check out the details below and see if you find this test to be somewhat accurate.

A. On Your Back

If you carry your bag on your back, you’re probably a friendly person who is straightforward and honest. Typically, you keep your opinion to yourself, but you stick to it without wavering. You usually prioritize your own needs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your critics may say you’re a little stubborn and that you don’t always consider the consequences of your actions.

B. On Your Chest

If you wear your bag across your chest, you may be a person who has a lot of emotions. Perhaps you yearn for freedom and this can lead you to change jobs, lovers, and residences. Usually, you’re the person who leads conversations, and you have a strong set of principles for life that you may be stubborn about. Your critics may say that it’s difficult to get you to change your mind.

C. On Your Shoulder

Wearing your bag on your shoulder may indicate that you like a low-key uncomplicated life. You don’t like control freaks and you want to decide life on your own terms. You’re a good listener and a steady person.

D. Cross-Body

If you wear your bag across your body, you’re not very interested in money and power. Life is good and you’re easy to satisfy. However, you don’t judge other people and you don’t like to make enemies.

E. On Your Head

If you carry your bag on your head, what planet are you from? I’ve never seen anyone carry a bag this way. However, if you do, you’re probably an easygoing person who is free-spirited. You’re also pretty unique and that’s a good thing.

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