How To Know What Insect Bit You? These Are The Most Common Bites

During the summer and in high temperatures, but also in other seasons, the bites of venomous animals and insects are inevitable. We have to know what stung us, to treat in the proper way the sting. 

These are the most common bite types.

Mosquito Bite

Red edges and bubbles. Itching at the sides. This bite doesn’t require any care. If the bite causes fever, joint pain, swollen glands, then the mosquito must have been infected and you have to see a doctor.

Flea Bite

These types of bites commonly happen in small groups distinguished by itchy skin and small red bumps.

Wash it with soap and water and apply some calamine cream. Do not scratch it.

Bedbug Bite

The most treacherous insects. It can even develop allergic processes and skin rashes. 

Maintain skin hygiene and wash the area with soap and water. 

Spider Bite

Most of the spiders are not poisonous, except the brown and the black widow. The spider bite has two points. Wash the area with soap and water. You can put ice packs there too.

Tick Bite

Ticks mostly live on domestic animals and are the most dangerous transmitting serious diseases. Lyme disease and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. 

Remove the bite with tweezers and don’t leave it. Remove it from your skin and wash with soap and water. 

Ant Sting

Red ants can inject poison into people’s skin. It irritates and inflames our skin. You can apply cortisone cream to the area. 

Scorpion Sting

You have to take into consideration three things.

  • Type of scorpion
  • Your Age
  • Amount of poison

Keep the sting site facing up and do not pierce or squeeze the area. If you press it too hard it could increase the poison level in the body. Go to the emergency room as soon as possible. 

Bee Sting

The most painful sting. Some people are allergic to their venom. Then you should go to the doctor. If the stinger is there, remove it with a tweezer.


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