How Many Wrist Lines Do You Have on Your Hand? Here’s What They Mean

For all of us, at the base of our hands where our hands meet our wrists, there are some lines. These are called bracelet lines and they’re horizontal or curved lines that are directly below our palms. Some people believe that these lines have metaphysical significance. Notably, these bracelet lines, which are also called rascette lines, reportedly show how long and prosperous our lives will be. Moreover, many people believe that they also provide clues to health, destiny, and balance of spirit, body, and mind. To find out what your bracelet lines mean, look at the lines closely and examine their length, depth, and shapes.

The First Line

The first line is the one directly below the palm of your hand. If it’s unbroken and defined, you can expect a life of at least 28 years but sometimes longer.

The Second Line

If the second bracelet line is unbroken and defined, you may expect to live 56 years or more and may enjoy prosperity.

The Third Line

If you have the third line and it’s unbroken, you may live to be 84 years old or older and you will have a lot of influence in your lifetime. Maybe you’ll be famous or just be impactful in your field.


Bracelet lines mean something different for men and women. For men, if the line is undefined or curves upward, he may have health problems such as fertility issues or prostrate problems. If the second line is broken, it can be even more serious.


In women, if the first line is broken or undefined, she may have trouble with childbirth issues or limited in how many children she can have.

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