How Many D’s Do You See In This Picture? Most People Will Get This Wrong

Have you noticed how technology is really taking things over recently? It seems as if it is accelerating and at one time, we had calculators that did simple math but today, we have cars that practically drive themselves! Some of us even have fallen victim to letting technology think for us, and that can be a very dangerous endeavor. It is important for us to keep our minds active and to make sure that we don’t lose out when it comes to the aging brain.

There are a number of things you can do to keep your brain active. For some people, puzzles are the best way to do so. I’m not necessarily talking about jigsaw puzzles, although they can help to a limited extent. I’m talking about word puzzles, picture puzzles and similar items. When you use them regularly, it engages the brain and keeps you thinking, rather than letting a machine think for you.

This puzzle is a great way to exercise your brain. Just be aware that most people are going to get it wrong.

Not all that long ago I started exercising my brain using picture puzzles. Optical illusions are not only fascinating, they can keep your brain active and even improve your ability to reason. This challenge may seem easy on the surface, but it is a challenge, nonetheless.

The funny thing is that most people get this test wrong the first time they try. Attempt to find as many D’s as you can in this image. The fact that you are looking at letters that are similar makes them hard to find.

Search the puzzle for 10 seconds and see how many you can find.

How many did you find? Do you think you found all of them? Check out the next page for the answer. Just remember, you can’t un-see it once you see it.

The correct answer is 10.

If you fell short of the mark, don’t feel bad. A lot of people missed more than one on their first time trying.

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