Hair Dresser Steps In To Transform Toddler’s Hair After A DIY Haircut

There are certain things in the world that go together. For example, we have chocolate and peanut butter or rainy days and a good book. We see examples of this in our lives many times but we should also recognize that there are certain things that never go together as well. One of the best examples of things that should never be together is little children and scissors. Not only can it produce a rather dangerous situation, it could also produce a lot of frustration on the part of the parents, as you are about to find out.

Most of us have a story about somebody from our childhood that got a pair of scissors and cut their own hair. It probably seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time but the results are anything but ideal. Let’s face it, a DIY haircut is nothing that you would want to do and if you are old enough to go to school, that haircut could really come back to haunt you in more ways than one. That isn’t even to mention the feeling that your mother had when you came walking out of the bathroom with a big smile on your face and missing half of your hair.

As a parent, I always tried to keep the scissors out of reach. It’s good advice, to say the least.

Recently, Jen Bullock, a hairdresser from Ohio shared some pictures of a house call that she made on a little girl.

Her friend, Breana had called her in a panic when her three-year-old son gave Kimber, his sister a DIY haircut.

Breanna realized that something was wrong when her children were far too quiet. She found them in a closet that he had turned into a salon and was busy giving his sister the new look.

She thought that the situation was funny but she knew that it would have to get fixed fast so she called Jen.

I would probably venture to say that this was a hair emergency. Just take a look at the DIY haircut for yourself.

Her brother managed to remove a significant portion of the hair on one side of her head. Jen started thinking about how she could turn it into a more moderate hairstyle.

It seems as if her brother may have done her a favor because it wasn’t too far away from a current style.

Before long, Kimber’s hair was turned into an asymmetrical pixie cut.

I would say that the transformation was awesome. She kind of resembles Pink.

This is really the style with celebrities these days. Just take a look at Pink for yourself and see the resemblance.

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