Groom Tells The Bride To Step Aside At The Altar For Someone Else

When most of us think about weddings, we think about the traditional wedding where a man and woman stand in front of an audience and exchange vows. This is the way it has been done for many years and although we have seen some changes recently in the way the people have weddings, there are also many who go back to the traditional roots. This wedding story actually started a number of years before the wedding took place. It was in 2007 that Janna gave birth to Jayda, her daughter.

Three years after Jayda was born, her mother was busy raising her. She was outside shoveling snow from the driveway after recent snowstorm when Clifton pulled up and asked her she needed some help. It took her completely by surprise and it was the beginning of their love story that ended with them getting married. They felt an instant connection and in 2013, Jayda asked if she could start calling him ‘daddy’. It wasn’t long before the marriage proposal took place.

Jayda’s biological father passed away in 2016. Clifton took her and her daughter to Clearwater, Florida so that they could relax and enjoy a little time away from the stress.

The sand and ocean water tend to take all worries and pain away,” she said. Clifton spent an entire day with her, took her to the jewelry store and when they got back, the wedding planning started.

After the two of them said their vows on their wedding day, he asked his bride to step aside and for her daughter to come forward.

“My heart dropped!” Janna told us. “The only people he told about this were the best man, the pastor, the DJ and the photographer.” It was then that Clifton said his vows to his new daughter.

“It was at that point that I realized this wonderful man is 10 times the man I thought he was.”

Clifton had another surprise coming. He said, “Ring, please.” It was then that he gave his new daughter her own 14 karat white gold diamond ring. His new wife then realized what the special day of shopping meant.

“He was more nervous over the vows to her than he was to me,” Janna says. “He always knew that I was a package deal, and Jayda was always my number one. Now, she is both of our number ones, and I couldn’t be happier to say that.”

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