Gorilla Surprises Everyone When He Learns How To Walk Like A Man

When you look at what people do online, it doesn’t take long before a trend begins to appear. Sure, people use the Internet for a wide variety of reasons but sooner or later, the love of animals begins to show itself. I would even venture to say that people are crazy about animals and it doesn’t matter if they are watching stories about stray dog rescues or silly cat videos, it seems to fill a lot of their time. Perhaps that is why this silverback gorilla is so popular among the Internet community.

The gorilla lives with his family in Kent, England and his name is Ambam. He calls the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park home and he is cared for very well in that facility. As a relatively normal silverback gorilla, he is a large animal. At 6 foot tall, 34 stone, and full of muscle, he really is a sight to see. There is something surprising about Ambam, however, that you may not have ever seen before. Rather than walking around bent over, he learned how to walk upright on two legs and he looks just like a man when he does it.

Although they aren’t 100% sure as to how the gorilla started walking like a man, they do know that he wasn’t coaxed to do so. They feel that the zookeepers in the area served as an example and he began imitating them. Before you know it, he was a master at walking upright. You can see it for yourself in this video.

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