Folks Outraged After Woman Records Herself Using An Elephant’s Tusks To Do Pull-Up

Many of us who own pets consider our animals to be a part of our family. Because of these deep bonds, it’s not uncommon to find people who engage in behavior that many would consider abusive but they think of as “innocent fun.” And recently, Emma Roberts, a gym owner living in South Africa, came under scrutiny when she shared a video of herself doing pull-ups on an elephant’s tusks. The incident happened at the Adventures with Elephants sanctuary. Since releasing the video, people around the world have condemned her actions. It’s safe to say that the “amazing moment” Roberts believed she was sharing was not seen that way by thousands of angry people who felt she had mistreated and disrespected a majestic animal.

After Yashir Ali, a journalist posted her video to Twitter, including links to Roberts’ social media pages, it soon went viral. Ali captioned the video proclaiming, “This is horrible,” and explained how Roberts and those working at the elephant sanctuary were abusing these beautiful creatures. When confronted about the video, Ali says that Roberts decided to double down on its innocent nature rather than apologize.

However, people were outraged by her behavior and expressed disgust about her cavalier attitude toward the elephants.

One person in Thailand said she lived nearby elephant rehabilitation camps and noted that what Roberts did was “vile,” and the law should punish her for her actions.

Another person mentioned the sad and “defeated look” in the creature’s eyes.

The metro reported on the story and spoke to Roberts, who reacted to the controversy on her Instagram in a post which she had since deleted. It read:

Roberts continued, noting how very few people are enlightened enough to understand her point of view. She also thanked posters who sent her kind messages and denounced those who said she should be ashamed about what she’d done.

I live in Thailand right by several elephant rehabilitation camps…and what Emma Roberts did is vile, harmful to the elephant and she should be prosecuted… 

— Harry Buckle (@HarryBuckle2020) January 5, 2021

As of this writing, her page is no longer available.

Do you think she was misunderstood or ignorant of her abusive behavior?

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