Floyd Mayweather Refuses Picture With Fan Because They Had Painted Nails

Floyd Mayweather has been making quite a few public appearances lately, and this weekend was no exception.

On October 23, the boxer attended the Staples Center to enjoy the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Mayweather has attended numerous Clippers and Lakers games in the past, and when he does, he is always greeted by fans looking for a photo with him or an autograph.

Floyd usually takes the time to pose with his fans, however this time he turned down a fan for a reason that might seem ridiculous to many.

Floyd Mayweather denies fan photo for having painted nails

In a video-recorded interaction, Floyd is seen rejecting a young fan. Shortly after the game ended, Mayweather was approached by a fan and asked if he could take a quick photo with him. However, the boxer rejected him for having his nails painted.

Floyd Mayweather Refuses Picture With Fan Because They Had Painted Nails
Credit: TMZ Sports

“Your nails are painted, I don’t take pictures with guys with painted nails, “

Floyd is heard saying in the video as his bodyguard pushes the fan back.

“Damn bro, why are you homophobic? […] Floyd doesn’t want to take a picture with me because my nails are painted. Bruh, really? “ the young man is heard saying.

Witnesses told TMZ Sports that Mayweather had no problem taking photos with other people after the game, so it’s unclear why a fan with painted nails is a problem for the boxer.

It is not the first time that Floyd has denied a photo to a fan, but fortunately, this time he did not go physical. In November 2019, one of the boxer’s guards allegedly struck a fan at a Las Vegas mall after a request to take a photo went wrong.

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