Female Army Captain Collapses And Lays On The Ground, Refuses To Give Up During Strenuous Training Session

Most people are not aware of what it takes to get into the military and some people think that they let anyone in. What you are about to see a video, however, proves that only the strongest and most dedicated soldiers can rise to the top. In this video, you will meet Sarah Cudd, a US Army Captain at Fort Knox.

Along with 46 others, Cudd earned the Expert Feel Medical Badge, which is given to individuals in the military who are able to get through a grueling physical and written test. It is the last part of the test that we see because it includes a 12-mile road march in full gear along with a heavy pack and a rifle. You can tell that she is exhausted from the training and she collapses a few feet from the finish line. You got to see what happens next.

Not every soldier is able to make it through this training, but she is one that refused to give up. Not only is she a pillar of strength for those who serve underneath her, she is also an inspiration to those individuals every day.

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