Distracted Parents Don’t Notice Their 18-Month-Old Daughter Floating Out To Sea

If there is one thing that all of us know about the world that we live in, it’s the fact that it is full of distractions. Some of the distractions come in the form of the news that we may watch on a daily basis but we also carry around electronic devices that keep us distracted as well. That isn’t even to mention the common distractions that have been the case for many years, such as having intense discussions or perhaps just trying to look in more than one direction at a time. That is especially true when you were a parent.

This fact became all too apparent recently when a family was enjoying some time at the beach on a Saturday afternoon. They were on the northeast coast of Tunisia, and the parents were there with their 18-month-old girl. Like many parents, they were trying to do a number of things at one time and ended up getting distracted. Because of the strong winds that day, however, the little girl ended up floating out to sea and the parents couldn’t get to her. When they realized she was missing, it was too late and they had to contact the authorities.

After the authorities were alerted to the situation, they began a rescue mission. First responders were there to help, including one that was on a jet ski and he is the person that eventually found the child. The little girl had floated almost a mile out to sea by the time that they got to her.

Fortunately, the little girl was safe, although she appeared to be in a little bit of distress. It’s little wonder because even an adult would be stressed out if they were floating a mile away from shore and had no idea how to get back again. We’re just glad that it ended well.


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