Crowd Begins Mocking 53 Year Old Farm Lady But She Shuts Them Down With Her Fantastic Voice

Like many people, you might appreciate watching a talent show and they certainly are very popular today. We see them on television and see videos online but there is something interesting that most of us tend to have in common. When somebody steps out on a stage that doesn’t fit into that stereotypical mold, most people judge them before they ever see what they have to offer.

That was the case with Jacqueline Faye. She introduced herself to The X Factor, which is like a UK show similar to American Idol. She had her interview before she began performing and she started talking about the animals that were on her farm. Most people thought that she was just out there as comedy relief, including the judge, Simon Cowell. That is when Jacqueline opened her mouth and began singing.

When Jacqueline’s performance was posted online it went instantly viral. More than half a million people have watched that video in the first week and when you learn the backstory, you will know why.

It seems as if Jacqueline is quite nervous when she is talking to the judges. She talks about living on a farm with lots of animals such as chickens, horses, ducks, and peacocks. Some even start laughing when she is talking and Simon is rolling his eyes.

Robbie Williams, on the other hand, is somebody who appreciates her story. He asked her what she is going to sing and she responds with Cilla Black’s hit from 1960, You’re My World. When she begins her performance, everything changes.

Suddenly, Simon Cowell’s expression changes and the audience is no longer laughing. Rather than scoffing at this woman who lives on a farm, they delighted in her amazing talent. By the time she is finished, everyone is on their feet and Simon has the biggest smile on his face. He recognizes that a new star is in their presence.

You can watch Jacqueline’s amazing audition in this video:

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