Couple Gets Matching Toe-Tag Tattoos To Celebrate Their Marriage

If there is one thing we realize about Internet trends, it’s the fact that they don’t stick around very long. In fact, some of those trends are here and gone so quickly that it’s difficult to imagine they were ever here in the first place. There are also some things that people do and it almost seems as if they are trying to start a trend but in the end, all they are doing is showing just how ridiculous the human race can be. That is what one couple decided to do when they got matching tattoos.

I’ll be the first one to admit that matching tattoos are a personal decision. Then again, there are many people who would argue that getting your significant other’s name tattooed on your body, even if you are married, can lead to regret at some point in the future. For this couple, however, it wasn’t a regular tattoo but rather, it was matching toe tags. That’s right, they decided to seal the deal on their wedding by getting matching tattoos on their feet and then sharing the picture on Reddit.

The tattoos included details such as their birth date, the marriage date, and the cause of death. Interestingly, the cause of death was marriage. In addition, they signed that they were each other’s property, so they were really putting the icing on the cake with this one.

In the end, it still is something that is a personal decision but it is also something that really needs to be thought out in advance. Some people were understandably freaked out by the entire thing and yet others were just unable to get beyond their dirty feet.

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