Can You Tell Me Which Woman Is More Confident? Most People Get It Wrong

Language is something that we all use on a daily basis. after all, we need to communicate with each other and we do so through spoken language very conveniently and quite easily. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the majority of the language we speak is not verbal but rather, has to do with our body language and other factors, including the pitch and pace that we use. If you are only listening to the words that are being said and are not paying attention to the rest of the story, you are often left confused. That is why text messaging causes hurt feelings when it really shouldn’t at times.

The thing about body language is that we all have the ability to read it, we just don’t take the opportunity to do so as often as we should. For example, when you look at the picture below, you see four women sitting side-by-side and each of them is exhibiting some type of body language by their posture. Which one of these women is the most confident? This isn’t a matter of guessing, go with your first instinct and then check the following page to see if you are correct.

Woman 1 – This woman tends to love challenges and they don’t mind taking a risk but they do so because they want to prove themselves. They are always looking for a way to develop and grow.

Woman 2 – If you are this woman, you tend to be a calm individual and you don’t get carried away very often. If you have an important decision that is coming your way, you tend to think things out and come up with a solution that is going to work well for everyone involved.

Woman 3 – This woman tends to be very emotional and you make all of your decisions based upon your mood, which doesn’t always work out in your favor. You tend to trust your gut but you get overwhelmed when problems come your way.

Woman 4 – This woman tends to be very confident and she likely even has an entrepreneurial spirit. She likes being the center of attention and enjoys it when there is a lot going on. When she has an opinion, she always considers it to be the right choice.

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