Can You Find This Blind Grandfather’s Guide Dog in this Tricky Optical Illusion?

There’s a popular old vintage graphic out there called “My Wife and My Mother-in-Law.” In the graphic, you can see both a young woman and an older woman. It’s basically a very clever optical illusion and you have to really shift your focus to see both of them. Optical illusions like this are a lot of fun to solve. An optical illusion occurs when the reality is different from what we believe it is. Basically, our eyes are fooling us, as the old expression goes. The mind likes a challenge and when someone tells us that there’s something about an image that’s different from what we initially see for ourselves, our interest is usually piqued.

In the image below, you probably see an older gentleman. However, his guide dog is also in the image. Can you find the dog? Do your best and be sure to think outside the box.

How did you do? We’re going to help you out. Head over to the next page for the solution.

Here’s the hidden dog.

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