Bride Falls To Her Knees When She Realizes Little Girl’s True Identity

You never quite know what today is going to run into when you wake up in the morning. Sometimes, there will be people in our lives that make an appearance and they seem to do it at just the right time. You might even say that they have a special someone that cares for them when nobody else seems to realize that anything is wrong. That is the case for a 13-year-old girl named Skye and she gets her help from a woman named Hayden.

These two ladies share a bond that most people will never understand. It keeps them together now and for the rest of their lives. You see, when Skye was only a little baby, she was diagnosed with leukemia. Thanks to Hayden, however, her life was changed in the best way possible and it will never be the same again.

When Skye’s mother started noticing small bruises on her baby girl’s body, she took her to the doctor. He did a few exams and some blood work and they found out that this little baby was sick with leukemia. Her parents were heartbroken and they had a difficult time wrapping their heads around the diagnosis. From that point forward, however, they started doing everything they could to help their baby girl. What they didn’t know was that a woman named Hayden would come into their lives unexpectedly and have a very positive impact.

Skye was getting treatment for leukemia in California and Hayden was attending college in Alabama. Aiden was looking for a purpose in life and she found a flyer asking for bone marrow donations. She immediately knew what she had to do. She contacted the number of the flyer and soon, was paired with a little girl as a match. After the donation took place, Hayden was desperate to meet the little girl but she wasn’t allowed to contact her for a year.

One year later, the family contacted Hayden to thank her for what she did. That is when the relationship was born. She even invited the family to come to her wedding, saying “I know that y’all are all the way out in California, but I want you to know that you wanted here.”

On the day prior to the wedding, Hayden got the opportunity to meet little Skye and the moment was picture-perfect. You can see more about it in this video:

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